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SolidWorks Simulation is a powerful, easy-to-use design analysis and optimization software fully embedded within SolidWorks software. SolidWorks Simulation is ideal for engineers who need analysis but are not specialists in the field of finite element analysis (FEA).

The training courses are designed to make SolidWorks users more productive quickly in creating ideal designs with the SolidWorks Simulation Bundle. All the courses are hands-on and will allow you to learn by carrying out different tasks outlined in the training.            

Specializations include Static and Structural Analysis, Motion Analysis, Thermal Analysis with Radiation, Frequency Analysis, Buckling Analysis, Fatigue Analysis, Drop Test Analysis, Crash Test Analysis, Optimization Analysis, Pressure Vessel Analysis, NonLinear Analysis, Dynamic Analysis, Flow Analysis, etc... 

Please click on the links below to review the details of the various available courses.

Training Courses


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16 Hrs.
16 Hrs.
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