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CAD Customization & Automation


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Our professional aggregate expertise in CAD technology and software development helps to provide you customized results for particular applications. The programmable characteristics available in the various CAD software like OPEN-I-DEAS and objective ARX are polished to the customer’s specifications. Languages like Java, C, C++ and visual Basics are applied to produce interfaces or to formulate autonomous applications. We are specialized to develop CAD tools using substances like ACIS and Para solid and interfacing with program library like OpenGL. We also take up developing projects in CAD automation and CAD–Web integration.

What is CAD Customization / Automation?

What is CAD Customization / Automation?

CAD is a general design tool in the designer's hands. The Customization includes modification or conversion of the universal usefulness into a particularized, customized application, which look after the repetitive and everyday operations forming them simpler in an automatized mode. The designer may demand average to high skill to control the CAD software. However, a manufacturing or an engineering which implies insistent product blueprints constantly benefits from customizing its routine design burden by automatizing their design.

CAD operators take longer time to finish a series of tasks in an un-customized environment, while those CAD operators working in a customized environment will take comparatively lesser time to finish off the same series of tasks. With an un-customized environment, operators are ineffective to take advantage of immediate menus and commands that they would typically use during the designing process. CAD operators process with a user interface that contributes no additional help to the characteristics that they normally use
in their design. The software is typically left in its measure set of command, toolbars and menus.

Automation of CAD is done essentially to minimize the
time consumption and maximize the productivity; this is
done ARX, Lisp and VBA with enhancement in Auto CAD
instruction and producing well-informed drawings.

CAD Automation is mainly used for Facility management, Hotel Industries, Symbol or block management, File Data management and so on.


Benefits Of CAD Customization / CAD Automation

Benefits Of CAD Customization / CAD Automation

SolidTrainer provides CAD customization/automation which offer you to avail the following benefits:
  • Consistent designs
  • Ease of use, allowing low skilled manpower to handle design load
  • Increases the productivity
  • Minimize errors
  • Link CAD to other applications, such as MS-Excel and MS-Access using the latest technologies
  • Faster designs
  • Accurate designs sticking to standards


Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

SolidTrainer can create a customized AutoCAD and SolidWorks environment. We know AutoCAD and SolidWorks inside-out. Our team of experienced professionals can consult with your designers to find out how you are using the tools and then design an interface that optimizes it for use by your CAD operators. We will optimize by designing a customized user interface. This will bring the common commands and tasks closer to your CAD operators and remove unused commands from the main interface. Toolbars, settings, commands, pull-down menus, and shortcuts will all be customized for maximum use by your operators. We take both long term and short term projects to help you achieve the following business objectives:

  • Optimize existing CAD or engineering services

  • Cost-effectively scale your existing business

  • Reduce fixed operational cost

  • Help innovate new products and services

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