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SolidTrainer offers complete range of CAD conversion services. We have expertise in converting any original CAD document to a completely accurate multi-layer electronic CAD drawing. SolidTrainer puts up paper to CAD conversion services and digital file format conversion services such as DWG to TIFF or JPG, DWG to PDF format for distribution, publication and archiving.

What is CAD Conversion?

What is CAD Conversion?

CAD conversion is the most significant method to text file technical drawings and associated data in an organized mode. It permits to store, handle and preserve information from paper drawings in an electronic arrangement and defend these from all possible equipment casualty or loss of data in the procedure of paper to CAD conversions in the most comfortable manner.

CAD Conversion involves a number of methods and software technologies to interpret data from
one computer-aided design system to another CAD data format. This technology is needed to accelerate cooperative work (CPD) between OEMs and their providers.

CAD conversion services is offered in 2 steps:
  • Scanning matters of maps and drawings
  • Drafting / digitizing on the scanned maps using the latest software

The Digitization process is applicable when converting sketches, schematic diagrams, maps or circuit diagrams where accurate position of the objects is very important. Method of digitization is used for zonal maps, cadastral maps, contour maps, utility maps, topographic maps etc.

Drafting is a process which includes drawing and construction, through which the dimensional accuracy of the paper map is preserved. It is used for engineering drawings such as drawings of machine part drawings, architectural floor plans or for structural drawings.


Cad Conversion Services By solidtrainer

Cad Conversion Services By SolidTrainer

  • CAD Data Translation
  • Paper to CAD conversion
  • Auto Cad Conversion


Why Our Cad Conversion Services?

Why Our Cad Conversion Services?

Our CAD conversion possess the following specific features:
  • Enhanced services to customers at a lower cost and reduced future revision cost
  • We use blocks for different entities (doors, windows, plumbing and electrical fixtures etc.)
  • Conversion from raster format to 100% CAD perfect geometry
  • Reproduction of superior quality drawings from poor quality original hard copies
  • We can provide all type of documents conversion including PDF
  • We generate separate layers for dimensions, text, body, hidden lines, and centerlines, etc.

SolidTrainer has many years of experience in CAD conversion, CAD vectorization and CAD format conversion. In today's era, companies more and more are dependent on easy and accurate digital formatting of their blueprints. We possess a team of qualified professionals, draftsmen and architects who are already having vast experience in CAD conversion and are quite familiar with global technical standards and latest softwares.

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